Saturday, 28 December 2013

Our First Family Christmas!!

We have experienced our first family Christmas. It has been special and fun. My husband and I wanted to lay down some family traditions and decided to take aspects from both our childhoods and create some new ones too. 

 The fun began on Christmas Eve when my husband and I got some quiet time together before the madness begun. We sneaked off for a cooked breakfast at a local restaurant. In the evening we all settled down to watch Home Alone with some more yummy food. Once the children had gone to bed, Father Christmas fell down our chimney with a load of presents. Whilst not disturbing Santa we got the children out of bed and peaked through the living room door to watch Santa eating the mince pie with the girl’s presents being placed under the tree. Their faces lit up and it was lovely to watch. 

Christmas morning arrived and hubby and I were up before any of the girls. We had our breakfast and were still waiting for them to wake up. So around 8am we couldn’t take the excitement anymore and had to go and wake them up. They each woke up to a stocking full of presents. Again, watching their faces light up was a precious memory I will store away. It took around two hours to unwrap all their presents, open up their Barbie horses and find batteries for them all. Later on in the day our parents joined us and we shared a wonderful roast with all the trimmings and of course the girls received more presents.

Boxing day the business continued, we began the day eating as much chocolate as we could get away with and in the evening we had tea at my mom’s house. Again there were lots of family, presents and food!

During the festive period my thoughts drifted over to the girl’s birth family and how they cope being apart from their children at such an important time of year. It’s not something that is easy to get your head around the range of emotions must be diverse.

I have to say I was really impressed with how polite and well behaved the girls were. They didn’t pull any disgusted faces at any of their presents and remembered their manners when receiving gifts from others. I know that Christmas time can be a difficult time for adopted children and their families. However, I think we have come through the other side in one piece.

All that is left to say is that I hope you all have a Happy New Year, thank you for reading my blog over the last few months and I look forward to blogging about what the New Year brings!

Monday, 16 December 2013

A Christmas Guest Post!

This week I’m posting a special Secret Santa blog exchange guest post from an adoptive mother of a little boy. The Secret Santa exchange was organised by the lovely people at The Adoption Social.  For other great blogs by, From On the Road to Adoption click here:

I hope you have a lovely first Christmas with your little boy!

Reflections on Christmas

Christmas this year is going to be very different - the main reason is snoring away on the sofa opposite me. Christmas in many ways is for the children so having our son with us is special as I am sure it was for all adopters that first Christmas after placement. Our little boy is still probably a little too young to really understand what is going on yet, but he is enjoying his Advent Calendar which happens to be gradually creating his own decorated tree and loved helping us decorate the actual tree. Somewhere in the picture below is the ornament he chose on Daddy’s last day off from work after placement. Typically for him it is a car :)

I know for many adoptive parents this can be a hard time of the year as routines go at school and everything starts to become strange. Birth children can get hyper and for adoptive children who can have poor emotional memories of previous Christmases it is hard. Our little boy has had two Christmases with his foster carer where he was loved so we are hopeful for the future. Christmas is a family time but for me it also reminds me of the core of my faith – something I rarely blog about as it is basically part of who I am.

This is a Secret Santa post for another adoption blogger - one who I know has had her share of problems but also has the joy of loving and parenting her children as they deserve to be. As adopters we go into this with the knowledge things are not always easy but also living for and rejoicing in the good times. For me, I hope this first Christmas as a family of three will be one of those good times.


Friday, 13 December 2013

A Christmas Surprise!

 My husband and I have received an early, unexpected and pleasant Christmas present.

We didn’t know if it was possible. We certainly did not think we would conceive naturally 8 months into our adoption. To say we were shocked is an understatement.

One of our earliest thoughts, post finding out about the pregnancy, was how is this going to affect the girls so early on into them coming to live with us? How was the Local Authority going to respond, especially after they ask us not to make any significant changes within 2 years of adopting? Fortunately, our Social Workers have understood and although I’m sure we were the talk of the office for a day or two, they have been supportive.

We have told the girls that there will be another addition to the family. We were hopeful that they would be happy and excited. However, we knew that pregnancy could throw up all sorts of reminders of their birth mother’s experiences. Worries about how this may affect them, where they would sleep, would we still want them, would we still love them the same? We were relieved when, following breaking the news to them, they were very excited and they made us smile when they asked for a sister. Our eldest daughter asked where the baby would sleep and we reassured the girls that they are very much loved, wanted and that they would not be going anywhere.