Thursday, 23 January 2014

Pitter Patter update....

Today we had our 20 week scan. We were thankful that all appears well. Baby was not playing ball on our first scan and stood on it's head for most of the time. This time round baby played ball and behaved!

Hubby had put his foot down and said we were going to find out the sex. I was secretly glad as I am not the most patient person. 

Soooo... we found out that we are going to have to make some room for a bit of blue amongst the pink! We would have been happy with either sex, but to hear we were having a little boy was a nice surprise as we already have our three pink diamonds.

Following the scan I had to buy something - just something blue!! So I bought these little booties. Too cute!!

We told the girls over dinner that they would be getting a brother. I thought they would pull sad faces and moan as they have been asking for a sister. However, they seemed thrilled and reeled off a list of possible names (some of them were a bit random and included suggestions such as cucumber). 

So it would appear I will need a new name for my blog. If anyone has any suggestions I am open to ideas.

Any boy's names would greatly be appreciated too, we can't seem to agree on anything!

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Waiting Game....

 I have pondered over whether to write this blog or not. I wondered if I should write it in the present tense or as a reflective piece.

As things have been delayed for the second time I have decided I needed to blog about it in the present tense. My hope is that it will be cathartic and if others have experienced the same they maybe able to offer support and advice. 

We sent off our adoption application a few months ago. The first court date was set for early December. We were under the impression that the Adoption Order would be made and we would hopefully be able to adopt the girls before Christmas, if not definitely early on in the New Year. However, one of the birth family members is appealing the adoption, the judge did not have time to hear the statement so postponed the hearing until January. A date was set and we thought, okay, this isn’t pleasant, we were not expecting this, but at least we don’t have to wait too long. Today we heard that the date has been set back again. As I read the email my heart sank, more waiting and more days of uncertainty.

On the one hand I can understand, and even empathise, with the birth family. This is their final chance to get their biological family back and it may also say to the girls that they tried, they are wanted and they fought to the bitter end.

In all honesty when I first heard about birth family appealing I felt an overwhelming sense of protection over my girls! I thought there is no way I would just hand the girls back, I would fight with all I had first! As time has gone on all sorts of emotions and thoughts have been evoked. I won’t go into detail but I have been surprised by some of my feelings.

As time goes on I am learning how to deal with stress better and better. I know that this will get sorted and I trust that this is all in God’s hands whatever the outcome. I have comfort that the Social Worker believes the Adoption Order will be granted and hopefully we can put this behind us over the next month or two. I also have amazing family and friends who will support us through this. I am not on my own. The girls have touched a good few people’s lives since they have been with us and they are very much loved and wanted.