Thursday, 12 February 2015

Happiness Photo Challenge Week 4

Week 4 Happiness Photo Challenge: 

Week four and we are still here having fun sharing our happy moments. 

It has been a great support to have a window into other people's happy moments in their day. So often we can get bogged down in the craziness of each day & it really lifts my spirits to pause, snap and share those moments of happiness.... Yes even if it's just a cuppa! 

So here are my photos from week four: 

Day 22 - I was so tired, so my lovely husband told me to go and rest. I slept for a few hours!! A bit longer than I think he thought I would be! 

Day 23 - Sunday roast cooked by the hubby!! Delicious, warming, comforting, family time! 

Day 24 - Hubby and I escaped for the night. Spa, birthday celebrations, massages, dinner, champagne, fun, bubbles!! A wonderful time out, something I feel is so important. 

Day 25 - I thought I'd treat myself to a late Christmas present. 

Day 26 - Spending time with my oldest daughter whilst helping her with her homework. Precious bonding moments. 

Day 27 - Feet up, hour to myself. Delicious treat! One of my favourite cakes! 

Day 28 - Today is a song. The family and I danced around the kitchen & living room to Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars. Lots of fun!! 

So that's the end of week four, if you would like to join us please link up your pictures using the #takingcare100.