Saturday, 11 June 2016

Candy Box

For months now our eldest daughter MB has been enjoying watching children's baking programmes on her iPad. She is especially interested in grand cake designs (the ones with lots of sweets on them).

We have been meaning for awhile to bake together, the task ahead always feels too much. I feel safer baking a banana and chocolate loaf cake (safe but boring). So today while daddy is busy decorating we decided to have a bash at making a candy box cake.

MB choose the cake design and as we were heading out the door to buy paint and emulsion we made a mental list of the ingredients needed. Pushing the trolley around our local supermarket we pilled the items in.

Once home we realised that we had forgotten one or two ingredients, but oh well as usual we will be fine improvising.

MB did most of the baking under my beady eye. While we waited for the cakes to cool, the girls could hardly contain their excitement. The thought of eating the cake and sweets was intensifying.

After two attempts of making butter icing and four batches we were ready to decorate (I was loosing the will to carry on at this point), we sandwiched the cakes together and quickly popped into the fridge and prayed it would stick together. Once ready MB and her sister worked nicely together (I'm pleased to say), to choose and place the sweets on.

It was nice to spend some time doing an activity that MB has wanted to do for awhile and in the meantime making it a fun girly time. 

Here is a picture of the cake.... be kind it's our first attempt :)  Hopefully this will be the first of many, no rush though!

Candy Box

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